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I'm an award-winning journalist and poet, with background in math, science, and literature. My work has appeared in Popular Science, The Washington Post, Wired, Grist, and I have received grants from the International Women’s Media Foundation, the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, and the Institute for Journalist and Natural Resources. In 2017, I was an honoree of the Society for Environmental Journalists' awards for my reporting on science and technology. I've followed stories to Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Venice, and the Florida Keys.

Ask me about: fractals, coral reefs, Modernists, podcasts, weird animals, the sea. 



I wrote one: 

Fractal Worlds: Grown, Built, Imagined

by Amelia Urry, Michael Frame

Yale University Press, 2016

“Fractal Worlds portrays math as math lovers know it: a beautiful garden, a place of curiosity and delight, a tribute to human creativity and the wonders of nature.”—Steven Strogatz, author of The Joy of X

And contributed to another: 

Coming of Age at the End of Nature

Edited by Susan A. Cohen, Julie Dunlap

Trinity University Press, 2016

2016 INDIES Finalist (Ecology & Environment)


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